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Reported up to 69% lower pain scores

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Went home an average of 1.1 days sooner

What Is On-Q?

One of the fears about surgery is pain. Most patients who undergo surgery may expect to experience some pain, but that doesn’t mean they should just live with it. Every patient has the right to pain relief.

The Better Choice for Pain Relief After Surgery

Now, the local anesthetics pain relieving methods that physicians may use during surgery are available for use after surgery, both at the hospital and at home. With the ON-Q* non-narcotic portable pain relief system, a local anesthetic is delivered right to where the pain is, reducing the chance of the side effects commonly associated with narcotics.


Gastric Sleeve

“I had a pain pump. It was the simplest and best thing that could have happened in my surgery.”


Rotator Cuff

“Before surgery I had the nerve block with the ON-Q* put in and after surgery my pain level was probably around a 2. On a scale of 1-10…”


Partial Knee Replacement

“With the ON-Q* with the knee replacement there was no severe pain at all…”

How it Works

As the medication is delivered, the pump ball will gradually become smaller. Because the pump delivers the medication very slowly, it’s not uncommon for it to take up to 24 hours before you’ll notice a change in the size and look of the pump.

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